Project Partners

The Project Partners for the Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative include:

California County Educational Services Association (CCSESA)

The 58 County Superintendents of Schools are organized statewide to work closely with state agencies to effectively and efficiently implement new education programs in response to statutory requirements and the needs of districts and schools. The statewide organization of the County Superintendents is called the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA). CCSESA’s mission is to strengthen the service and leadership capabilities of California’s 58 County Superintendents in support of students, schools, districts, and communities.

Through CCSESA, County Superintendents have developed a regional structure and statewide organization to deliver high quality educational support services to every district and community in the state. In 2011, CalMHSA awarded CCSESA a contract to implement the Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative. CCSESA’s Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative is based on a common statewide framework of prevention and early identification strategies for student mental health and preserves regional flexibility to build on local strategies and activities already under way. The primary focus of the initiative is on prevention of student mental health issues at the elementary level, kindergarten through grade eight. All strategies and activities are data-driven and reflect evidence-based practices, defined and adapted to individual communities. The regional context helps ensure culturally relevant strategies are employed and the unique needs of urban, suburban, and rural communities are addressed.

Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE)

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices of education in the State of California. SCOE plays a vital role in providing technical assistance, curriculum and instructional support, staff development, legal and financial advice, and oversight to Sacramento County school districts. SCOE plays a leadership role in delivering high-quality education to more than 235,000 K-12 public school students in Sacramento County. SCOE directly educates more than 30,000 children and adults, and provides support services to 13 school districts. SCOE also provides training, resources and services related to several school-community initiatives, coordinating activities for local, regional and statewide stakeholder groups.

CCSESA contracted with SCOE to coordinate the implementation of the Statewide Activities of the Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative. SCOE’s role includes coordinating the initiative across all regions, creating and maintaining an online clearinghouse of resources available to all regions and the general public, developing and maintaining an online data collection system that meets the reporting needs of the initiative consistent with data collection requirements and collaborating with other funded projects and stakeholders. For more information about this project, contact Cindy Kennedy at

Regional Lead County Offices of Education

Through CCSESA, County Superintendents established 11 service regions to deliver high-quality educational support services to every school district and community in the state. CCSESA has contracted with 11 County Offices of Education to serve as the lead agencies in their respective regions to develop and implement a regional plan of action for all counties in the region and to coordinate the fulfillment of the goals of the Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative.

The document Regional Leads for Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative (15kb PDF document) lists the Lead County Office of Education and contact person for each of the 11 CCSESA regions.